Running a household is no easy task for working families. The interviewing and screening process can take weeks. Determining job responsibilities and compensation can be a headache. We will personally match you with the most suitable candidate for your needs based on your specific criteria. Household staff can consist of many different positions. Based on your lifestyle, home maintenance, and family dynamics, you may need to hire for one or more positions. Time may be your most valuable asset, so let us spend our days sorting through resumes, interviewing top candidates and running complete background checks to make it easy for you to select the “best” candidate for your position.

Here are the positions:

  • Childcare: Nannies, Governess
  • Management: Majordom, House manager, personal assistant
  • Housekeeping: Housekeeper, Handyman, Laundress
  • Formal: Buttler, Domestic couple
  • Culinary: Personal Chef, Waiters
  • Security: Body Guard
  • Other Staff: Gardener, Chauffeur, etc…

Whichever service you decide to add to your household, we promise to find the highest quality candidates in the industry. Our agency will present you with the most professional, experienced and loyal staff to help you with managing your day to day life. Having additional staff allows you to have more free time and keeps your household running as smoothly as possible.

Not only do we perform personal interviews of candidates and evaluate candidates to save you time, we also screen each person for employment eligibility verification, employment verification, previous employer reference checks, character reference checks, suitability for specific households and working permits in Switzerland.

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