All foreigners, expats, business travelers, or foreign local hires are required to fulfil Swiss legal requirements on taxation, social security, residency and other legal matters. You are hiring local staff or plan to do so and have no idea about Swiss labour law? We can help you with all these relevant topics by directly advising you or connecting you to the best suitable law firm.

We can help you with the following points:

  • Moving your belongings to Switzerland
  • Immigration and registration after you arrive
  • Health insurance and social security benefits
  • Opening a Swiss bank account
  • Paying tax in Switzerland
  • Finding employment in Switzerland
  • Where to live and find accommodation
  • Setting up utilities and communications
  • Enrolling in Swiss education
  • Driving licences
  • Finding Swiss childcare
  • Required insurances in Switzerland
  • Choosing a language school
  • Retirement and Swiss pensions
  • Swiss culture and social life

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